Welcome, Fellow Traveller.
To the uncommon writing.

This is manuscript for the seeker.

We’re seeker which try our best
to enjoy Final Maturity, Arahantship,
as soon as possible, as comfort as possible,
as effective as efficient as possible,


Arahantship is not a luxury, but 
A necessity for a good life.

We wish for all being’s Utmost Liberation.


What is Happiness but Freedom?

What we give,
we will receive back incalculable times.

We invite you to walk with us,
begin from:

Welcome, Fellow Traveller

We believe in,

Liberation is for all.

No any single being is too “rubbish”
to enjoy Utmost Liberation.

In this entire Universe,
the real “too late”,
never exist.

If we kill all caterpillar,
we will have no butterfly.

All saint has a past,
all sinner has a future.

The sole function of rubbish is to be
fertilizer for the flower.

Miracle is simply
the proper use of the Universe.

We’re not living being experiencing Universe,
We’re Universe experiencing Universe.

Before we begin,
may you willing to keep in mind that,
for years, with all respect,
we’re not accustomized
in mainstream way of speaking,
not mention writing style.

We enjoy giving messages
not in lengthy systematic article,
but in Truth-bomb style.

May you willing to forgive us
for the untidiness in long articles,
which for now, will not be our main domain,
although for sure,
any qualified writer’s help always welcome,
in order for us to be able to
express the messages clearer and tidier.

You’re welcome to follow our
Facebook page and instagram to enjoy
The quotes and Truth-bombs we share there,
We enjoy it more.

We know the pain of seeking.

After learn from various resources
of human civilization’s wisdom,
we seek refuge in Buddha’s Dhamma.

May the top of our head,
eternally dwell below His Lotus Feet,
The King, The Emperor of Seers,
Sakyamuni Buddha.

Our purpose is,
to bring up some perspective and
spirit of True Buddha Teaching,
which is ALWAYS kind,
gentle, encouraging the heart.

The main intention of
setting out this little blog is,
may all beings know and put faith
in the power of Truth, Kindness, and Prayer.

After knowing their power,
using them to enjoy Utmost Liberation,
Utmost Safety, Deathlessness,
as soon as possible, as comfort as possible,
as effective as efficient as possible,
in this very moment,

The other intention is,
to trigger the enthusiasm
to dive deeper in Truth and
Knowledge of,
The Purification of Kindness.

There are various types of Kindness,
divided by the intensity and quality.

to provide some rough sample about,
how unthinkable is the realm of Wisdom,
and the depth of unexplored Pali Literature.

all information that provided here,
still nothing,
compare to what a wise person
can taste through a pure Pali Stanza.


This imperfect blog is more as
a little product-sample-test booth, not
a one-stop shop.
Go, my friend, Go to The Source.

These are more as amateur notes
that we take in our Unfinished Journey,
not as a lecturing advice,
but more as a friendly invitation,
to begin, to walk, to gain Utmost Victory,
through The Journey.

May you eternally bless us
with complete forgiveness,

for all of the imperfections.

Here you’ll find the
Theravada Buddhist concept,
But maybe in different style
from what exist in the outside.

Not satisfied after years of learning, involving,
and researching, the so-called Theravada traditions,
we find delight in the Real Theravada Concept
which not much tainted by current Asian or
Western cultural, traditions.

We value anonymity because we see
how putting too much importance toward a figure,
can quickly form a cult,
which then blind the follower, the leader,
or both of them
from the clarity that crucially needed
to differentiate Truth from half-truth, falsehood.

Even the previous Meaning Expositor teachers
who illuminate the Buddha Teaching
with their compassion and Wisdom,
for more than thousands of years,
write down none of their Noble name.
Who are us to think we need to put our name
in this amateur notes?

Buddha told us to check information that we get,

not because of the “credibility” of the speaker,
but by comparing it to Dhamma and Vinaya.
Let Dhamma become our guidance.

And when we say Dhamma and Vinaya here,
we’re talking about especially the Real Meaning (Attha)
which only can be really touched
by the humble-gentle mind that
guided by Pali syllable (vyañjana).

Pali is not merely a language,
it’s a Meaning Transmission Device.

It’s simple, yet deep,
not a complicated knowledge.

Complicated “city-mind”, however,
sometimes find Pali grammar as confusing, but

Grammar is the magic of languages.

We do very little censorship here,
Quantity of reader is not the point,
the quality is what we value more.


Compare to trillions fools,
a wise worth more.

Wise or fool is not about the identity, but
state of mind.

Through proper education,
NO ONE unable to be wise.

Perceiving fact that
most of Theravada Community,
especially in South East Asian and Western world,
rely their thinking and
prematurely critical mind on
current English Translation of the Tipitaka,

We choose to censor almost nothing,
and provide the information
that maybe will invoke discomfort
in the “logical” thinking society.


Because translated by some westerner,
which maybe glorify the power of
mostly outdated Newton-Einstein science,
most part of Pali literature translation,
including the derived one (e.g. Indonesian),
go through a lot of censorship,
meaning-bending, meaning-slipping, meaning-dismatching.

In short,
they conscious or consciously,
influenced by, pressured by, then
follow the market demand.

Truth is not a commodity,
it’s a medicine.

Just take the work of Bhante Buddhaghosa,
VisuddhiMagga as an example.
It’s natural for most of English (or derived) version’s reader
To think that they already know the entire Visuddhimagga.

But those who have direct contact
with the original text,
will surprised by the amount of information
that being left out,
just to avoid criticism and rejection
from “logical” society.

In order to be free from pain of stupidity,
we really need to be more humble and
stay open at least “tentatively” toward
the possibility of Truth, nature phenomena,
which far beyond our current level of experience.

Just take mantis shrimp as example.
It able to perceive extensive amount of colours,
which are unimaginable for human.
Another example is the dolphin, elephant, bat ability
in perceiving sound which we can’t, and
dog’s ability in perceiving smell.

how it’s difficult for us to understand that,
the developed human consciousness able
to perceive a lot of phenomena which
felt as fairytale to the undeveloped one,
just like how Wifi and smartphone work
for the isolated tribal society.

if someone research deeper,
they will find that,
even among Thailand and Myanmar
literature and translation,
there are severeal amount of mis-translation,
misinterpretation or
simply can’t maintain the real meaning of Pali Text,
because their language has very different root from Pali.
Myanmar language is Sino-tibetan language,
Pali is Indo-aryan language.

This cause,
even the most knowledgeable and famous monk
in these both country,
if they based their knowledge on Ganthasangaha,
the later work of monk in their country,
which interpret Pali literature,
possible to easily fallen into serious mistakes,
while making crucial Dhamma or Vinaya decision,
such as determining a bhikkhu as committing Parajika,
when it’s not.

Which is not an object to harsh blame,
but surely cause huge harm toward True Buddha Teaching.

the serious mistake
come from the subtlety of Pali Grammar
which unable to be represented properly in their language.

For example,
There are concept in some Theravada community in Myanmar that
Manatta, the continuous-6-days probation period for a monk
who fallen into Sanghadisesa offence,
can be observed non-continuously.
Which mean, if they practice in that way,
the manatta invalid.
The offence isn’t successfully cured.
Which then could influence the validity of
Community’s formal act, Vinaya-kamma.

Blame is the weapon of the fool.

That’s why,
we decide to provide some effort
for a little possible way out here.

We need to wake up
to the current reality,
in order to be able to create
the desireable one.

We can’t transform what we don’t accept,
what we resist, persist.

Don’t be afraid to wake up,
disillusion is sign of wisdom.

Once stay sleeping become so painful,
we will realize that waking up is the only
worthy way of life.

By waking up to the current Reality,
our life will never be shattered,
only the improper expectation of it, will.

Sinhalese, Srilanka language,
has closer root with Pali Language.
It’s also Indo-aryan language.

in this 4 Samma Sambuddha periods,
it is the island which all Buddha
give enormous attention and protection
for maintain the spreading of the Dhamma
for later generations.

It is where,
after Gotama Buddha Parinibbana,
in some period,
the farmer couldn’t dry their paddy in the morning,
before noon time, and
only can do it after noon time pass,


Because the sky covered by
the brownish robe of the Arahants
who go and come back from receiving alms.

because of the language similarity and
previous lineage of wise teachers,
the understanding of SOME Srilankan learned bhikkhu
has closer conformity to the Pali Real Meaning,
less meaning-slipping happen in their
massive Pali Literature translation work that occur around 1950s.

But of course, even so,
the real learned bhikkhu
still will incline more toward Pali Text, and
Sinhalese Translation only function, with all respect,
as a secondary additional supporter to help the understanding
to arise in unready, immature mind.
Even it, can never be good enough
to be the main and only reliance.
Only Pali Mula, Atthakatha is perfectly reliable.

Some Pali and Sinhalese work
(outside Tipitaka, Mula, Atthakatha, Tika)
which inspire us a lot are:

Rasavahini in Pali
(around 100 magical stories of kamma which happen at India and Srilanka)

Saddhammālankāraya in Sinhalese
Translation & Explanation about Rasavahini

After learning a bit about Rasavahini,
we feel that, this work is really
what nowadays Theravada community, and the world, need,
to gain clearer knowing
about the real power of Buddha,
Dhamma, Sangha, and Kamma.

Karma Vipāka in Sinhalese
කර්ම විපාක
(around 100 short stories of kamma,
what dana cause what results,
brief explanation about hell,
some excerpt from Apadana Pali, Suttanta Pitaka)

Also very skilfully written Abhidhamma book,
especially the extensive works of
Bhante Rerukane Candavimala
which show His brilliancy, but of course,
even though His book is very well-written,
Tipitaka, Mula-Atthakatha-Tika still far astounding.

Although we just encounter a bit
of His writings, we feel that,
His works is a precious jewel,
the key that can help unlock
the subtler meaning of Pali literature.
Inspire faith and understanding

in the reader mind through
the amazing, extraordinary type of logic
of True Buddha Teaching.

We’re not saying that His writings
can be taken without filtering,
all need to be filtered including this writings,
we’re wishing that
more of His works and other Sinhalese literature
can be translated into English properly
to arouse more people’s interest
to dive deeper into The Sources, Pali Pitaka.

ABHIDHAMMA PRADEEPIKĀ (a householder work)
අභිධම්ම ප්‍රදීපිකාව

Abhidhamma Magga
(අභිධර්ම මාර්ගය)

The basic details of Abhidhamma
(අභිධර්මයේ මූලික කරැණු)

But of course,
we’re not saying that
ALL or even MOST Sinhalese bhikkhu
are better than any other places bhikkhu,
we are talking mostly about the literature.

Don’t rely on the personality,
rely on Dhamma only.

A wise man should learn from the divine swan,
they say,
it can drink milk and separate it from the water
in the same time.

Prayer, Compassion, Courage, Faith,
Kindness, Truth, Wisdom,
Enjoyment of Liberation,
are the topic of this blog and our life.

All writing and prayer here
are only behave like supportive cause,
as a trigger, an invitation
for reader to continue the Journey
toward Arahantship,
by diving deep into Pali Literature
and proper Practice of the Dhamma.

Even Buddha’s word can be misunderstood
by unskillful ears,
who are us to expect to share writings
without that possibility?
May you take all of our shared writings only for
the declining of greed, anger, and delusion,
to support relinquishment of attachment and
never to encourage
the growth of skeleton heap.

If there’s any information that

you think will bring benefit to us and
all beings, please feel free to share it to us,
and maybe if the conditions are suitable,
we will post it in our free-educational blog.

We don’t own any content in this blog,
no commercial purpose intended.
Feel free to share and quote,
O, Blessed Being.

We’re open to the help to share,
edit, refine, and translate these messages.
We maybe contacted at hadayacara@gmail.com,
may you understand our limitation in responding email.

We focus in what works
according to Niyama,
Absolute Law of Nature,
which known and
expounded properly only by
The Great Seer.

Truth, Kindness, and Healing Prayer is our Base.
Pali Text, Tipitaka Mula, Atthakatha, Tika, is our Leader.
Deathlessness is our Destination.
All Beings’s Liberation is our Legacy.
are our friend, Fellow Traveller.

Among three action,
Bodily, verbally, and mentally,
most people, including us,
because of the blindness toward subtle phenomena,

and don’t understand how the Nature’s Law work,
unable to perceive the bigger picture of Cause and Effect,
think that,
bodily action is the most powerful one,
but actually,

Mental action is the highest.

For example,
giving of food may help a person live without hunger,
giving of well said advice can help a person live without fear,
well directed mind can help a person live happily,
enjoy freedom which is beyond imagination and
in the same time conditioned incalculable being’s success.

Only those who understand physics theory
able to kill millions in a move, through a nuclear bomb.

No action higher than mental action.

If someone learn Buddha Dhamma properly,
they will understand that,
in hand, feet, and mouth, there are no evil or kindness.

Evil or kindness only arise in the heart.

Just like a snake,
Once we capture the head,
We will get the body and its tail.

Once we able to master the mind,
we master others simultaneously.

Hand, feet, mouth, body,
is just like the lifeless puppet
of the mental action.

Prayer is the powerful device
To direct the mind’s inclination.

just as the steer of a vehicle,
could direct the course of mental action.

But please don’t misunderstand
the meaning of Prayer word.
Prayer here,
is not about asking or begging to anyone, but more
as an aspiration, a declaration, a setting of intention.
It’s more like inputting coding command
to influence how the computer program work.

In this entire Universe,
just like rabbit horn,
Powerless Prayer is an impossible thing.
even the misdirected one,
has power.

Power of prayer influence
the speed and massiveness of result.

No friend kinder than
Awakened, well-tamed mind.
No god more powerful than
A wisely obedient mind.

Most people misdirect their prayer,
know that, O, Blessed Being,
no one deserve to accept your prayer,
more than the mind.

It’s simply impossible for the mind,
to be obedient toward any other than
its Real Master.

Who is the true master of the mind?
never you, but,

We have no any personal power over mind.
No any single being has it,
including deva and brahma,
only Truth has.

It’s simply impossible for the mind
to be not disobedient when touched by lie.
It felt as unpeacefulness, agitation.

When we are in alignment with Truth,
mind peaceful.
When we are out of alignment with Truth,
mind rebel.

Just like fever is an alarm that,
there are invader,
the unpeacefulness of mind is the wake up sign,
to protect us from further danger.

That’s why,
we never have power to set the mind free,
no one may and no one can,
only Truth able to.

Tathāgatā, all Sammāsambuddhā,
are the Highest Trainer of Three Worlds,
because They know Truth.
They teach only Truth,
never Their own personal opinion.
They are The Absolute Sacca-vadi,
The Ultimate Expounder of Truth,
The Supreme Truth-talker.

If you can felt the wave of inspiration,
from our sharing,
it comes from Their Power,
or more correctly put,
Truth’s Power, which revealed by Them,
to the World.

Through Truth,
The Unbreakable Lineage of Tathāgatā,
continue to touch, heal, uplift,
transform, liberate incalculable
Heart of Beings.

It’s simply impossible for
any of beings,
including you and me,
which able to be a burden too heavy,
a knot too complicated,
a problem too difficult,
for the Mahakarunika,
Wise Compassionate Tathāgata.

For They rely
never in their personal power, but
The Power of Truth.

All the Tathāgatā, All the Sammāsambuddhā,
Are The Highest,
The Most Skillful Teacher of the Universe,

They are the most Humble and Obedient Student,
Learner, The Eldest Sons, of The Truth,

And the Jewel of Revelated Truth,
guarded, protected by the Guardian,
The Most Sublime Among All Community,
Community of Buddha’s Disciple,

Because of Their closeness,
Their intimate relationship with Absolute Nature’s Truth,
Sammasambuddha, Sangha, Paccekabuddha, and Arahants,
They enjoy immense power and glory.


Those who respect, have faith, venerate those,
Who are the Bearer of Truth’s Power,
Enjoy Unthinkable Glory, and will be,
The Heir of Truth by themselves.

Therefore, O, Blessed Beings,
declare, declare, your wholesome intention,
again, again, again, and again,
tirelessly, timelessly,
based on the mind-softening power:

Kindness, Faith toward The Enlightened One,
Three Jewels of The Universe,
Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha;
Absolute, Unshakeable, All-pervasive,
Impersonal Law of Universe,
so your mind be more and more willing to
Listen, and therefore,
Manifest with its Immeasurable Mighty Power.

we bless and pray for your
happiness, comfort, and Liberation,
as soon as possible, as comfort as possible,
as effective as efficient as possible,
in this very moment,

May you enjoy happiness
which is beyond happiness.

Among all Giving,
The Giving of Dhamma, (Truth & Knowledge)
is the Highest, is the Noblest.

By the power of the utterance of, respect, and faith toward this Truth,
By the power of All Merit, All Parami,
All Buddha, All Dhamma, All Paccekabuddha, All Sangha,
All Beneficial Niyama,

(Main Heart Prayer)

May I, may you,
may All Beings in the entire Universe,
eternally delight, dwell in Healing Kindness and
continuously, effortlessly shine in
Transformative Wisdom,

May I, may you,
may All Beings in the entire Universe,
enjoy Final Maturity, Utmost Liberation,
as soon as possible, as comfort as possible,
as effective as efficient as possible,
in this very moment,

May I, may you,
may All Beings in the entire Universe,
eternally delight, dwell in Brahmacari, enjoy Brahmacari,
satisfy in Brahmacari, shine in Brahmacari,
from now on, until the enjoyment of Arahantship,
as soon as possible, as comfort as possible,
as effective, as efficient as possible,
in this very moment,

May all Blessings, eternally, Be.

We love and bless you deeply, for,
Them, The Lineage of Great Seer,
had love and bless all of us
far even before we have arrived
at this Blessed World System,
(Mangala Cakkavala),
far before we even heard Their Holy Name,


Namo Gotamaya Tathāgataya Sammāsambuddhaya Sasāvaka-sanghaya

Namo Sabba-buddhanaṃ.
Namo Sabba-dhammanaṃ.
Namo Sabba-sanghanaṃ.

Namo Sabbatathāgatanaṃ

Vande. Vande. Namo. Namo.

Vande. Vande. Namo. Namo.

Vande. Vande. Namo. Namo.

Rakkha. Rakkha. Maṃ.
Rakkha. Rakkha. No.
Rakkhatha. Rakkhatha. Me attānaṃ.
Bhante, Bhagavā.

Namo Asankheyya-appameyya-aparajita-buddhanaṃ.
Namo Asankheyya-appameyya-aparajita-dhammanaṃ.
Namo Asankheyya-appameyya-aparajita-sanghanaṃ.
Namo Asankheyya-appameyya-aparajita-sayambhunaṃ.
Namo Asankheyya-appameyya-aparajita-arahantanaṃ.
Namo Asankheyya-appameyya-aparajita-ariyanaṃ.


Dukkhapattā ca niddukkhā, bhayapattā ca nibbhayā,
Sokapattā ca nissokā, hontu sabbe’pi pānino.

Ettavata ca amhehi, sambhataṃ puñña-sampadaṃ,
Sabbe Ariyā, sabbe Bodhisattā, sabbe Yamā,
Sabbe Brahmā, sabbe devā, sabbe yakkhā,
Sabbe bhutā, sabbe garudā, sabbe nagā,
Sabbe sattā anumodantu,
Sabba kusala-sampatti siddhiya.

Idaṃ vo ñatinaṃ hotu, sukhita hontu ñatayo.

Sabbe sattā sukhī hontu, puññāni pakātāni me,
sukhañca tividhaṃ dentu, khippaṃ pāpetha vo’mataṃ.

Manuññaṃ bhojanaṃ sabbaṃ, labhantu mama cetasa,
ye ca tattha na jananti, deva gantva nivedayuṃ.

Niyato Buddha-bhavaya, bhaddakappe idhantime,
Bodhisatto ca Metteyo, puññaṃ me anumodatu.

Sabbena puññakammena, sabbena uddisena ca,
Ma me bala samagamo, sataṃ samagamo hotu,
yava Nibbanapattiya.

Khippahaṃ sulabbhe ceva, tanhupadana-chedanaṃ,
Ye santane hina dhamma, yava nibbanato mamaṃ,
Nassantu sabbadayeva, yattha jato bhave bhave.
Uju-cittaṃ sati-pañña, sallekkho viriyamhina,
Maro labhantu nokasaṃ, katuñca viriyesu me.

Tesottamanubhavena, marokasaṃ labhantu ma.
Dasattamanubhavena, marokasaṃ labhantu ma.

Sabbe me puññaṃ, Asavakkhayavahaṃ hotu,
Sabbe me puññaṃ, Nibbanassapaccayo hotu.
Mama puññabhagaṃ sabbasattanaṃ bhajema,
te sabbe me samaṃ puññabhagaṃ labhantu.
Buddhasasanaṃ ciraṃ titthatu.